To enjoy traditional Thai food, we have a guide for different limits of your taste.

 Mild, stimulates a “kick” on your lips & tongue.
 Will have your lips & tongue tingling.
 The tingle glows to a fire, but the exotic flavors still come through.
 Can you take it? For addicts and Thai Nationals.


Fried Spring Rolls 3.95

Spring roll skin stuffed with bean thread rice noodles, white cabbage and carrots, served with tamarind sauce

Fresh Basil Rolls 4.75

Gulf shrimp, green vegetables, vermicelli rice noodles wrapped with steamed rice paper, served with plum sauce

Gyoza 6.25

Stuffed shrimp with Thai herbs wrapped in flour paper skin

Sarong-Shrimp 6.25

Stuffed shrimp with Thai herbs wrapped in flour paper skin

Chicken Satay 6.75

Skewered and grilled, sliced white meat chicken breast marinated in curry and coconut cream served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad

Beef Satay 7.50

Lightly grilled beef and fragrant marinated in garlic and black pepper, served with traditional peanut sauce and cucumber salad

Sweet Basil Cups 6.95

Edible crispy golden cups filled with minced gulf shrimp, chicken and sweet corn

Fried Potato Patties 7.95

Fried mash potato served with green lettuce salad

Traditional Salads

Thai Salad 5.95

Fresh green lettuce, red tomatoes and cucumbers tossed in a glassic Thai peanut dressing

Larb-Chicken  8.25

Minced chicken with fresh mint leaves, lime juice, shallot and served with fresh cabbage for wrapping

Nam-Sod  8.25

Minced pork with ginger, roasted peanuts, lime juice, scallions and coriander leaves

Nuer-Nam-Tok  10.95

Slices of charbroiled steak with mint leaves, lime juice, chili and crushed jasmine rice

Som-Tam  8.25

Fresh shredded green papaya tossed with ground roasted peanut in spicy lime juice


Soft Tofu & Vegetable Soup

Cup – 3.50 / Hot Pot – 7.25


Cup – 3.95 / Hot Pot – 8.95

Shrimp soup with fresh aromas of spices and herbs, lemon grass, kaffir lime and straw mushroom.


Cup – 3.75 / Hot Pot – 7.95

Sliced chicken cooked in coconut milk with galanga, lime juice, shallots, and coriander

Thai Noodles & Fried Rice

Pad-Thai 12.50

Sauteed shrimp, egg and crushed peanut tossed in a wok with rice noodles and covered with fresh mung bean sprouts and lime

Spicy Spaghetti  10.75

Stir-fried spaghetti with chicken hot chili, basil leaves, onions and bell peppers

Pad-Kee-Mao  11.50

Stir-fried wide flat rice noodles with chicken, basil leaves, bell pepper and hot chili sauce

Pad-See-Eu 10.75

Sliced chicken, egg and broccoli in sweet soy sauce tossed with flat rice noodles

Fried Rice

Choice of chicken, beef or pork 9.25
Shrimp 10.25

Curry Fried Rice 9.95

Stir-fried fresh vegetables and egg with curry rice

Yum Voon Sen  12.95

Clear bean thread noodles with minced chicken, onion, with fresh mint leaves and spicy lime juice


(Shrimp & Beef +$2.00)

Yellow Curry  11.75

Chicken, beef or pork in yellow curry with coconut milk, onion, mushroom, bell pepper and carrot

Spicy Red Curry 11.75

Chicken, beef or pork in red curry with bamboo shoots, Thai eggplant, fresh basil and coconut milk

Spicy Green Curry 11.75

Marinated chicken, beef or pork with green curry, coconut milk, Thai eggplant, fresh hot pepper, bamboo shoots and sweet basil

Panang Curry 11.75

Chicken, beef or pork in sweet curry paste, bell pepper, fresh basil and a touch of coconut milk

Masaman-Kai 12.25

Tender white meat chicken in masaman curry with pearl onions, green avocado and cashew nuts

Sauteed Mix Vegetables 9.50

Garlic and Black Pepper with Cabbage 10.50

Sauteed chicken, beef or pork with garlic and black pepper

Spicy Basil Leaves  10.50

Chicken, beef or pork sauteed with fresh basil leaves, garlic and Thai chili sauce

Broccoli with Mushrooms 9.50

Chicken, beef or pork sauteed in oyster sauce

Pad-Prew-Whan 10.50

Sauteed white meat chicken with sweet and sour sauce, scallions, onions, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers

Gingerine 10.50

Sauteed tender chicken with fresh ginger and scallions in Thai herb sauce

Pad-Prik-King  11.50

Stir-fried white meat chicken, fresh string beans with red curry paste and flavored with kaffir lime leaves

Chef’s Special

Rama Curry 15.95

Slices of chicken breast sauteed in Rama curry and coconut milk over a bed of spinach

Jumbo Shrimp Masaman 20.50

Masaman curry with green avocado and roasted cashew nuts

Grouper  18.95

Grouper in sweet chili sauce with steamed broccoli and spinach on the side

Roast Duck with Red Curry 17.50

Half boneless roasted duck with a crispy skin topped with chunks of pineapple, kaffir leave and fresh tomatoes

Three Flavored Fish 20.50

Pan fried whole red snapper topped with three flavored sauce

Salmon Panang  17.50

Grilled fresh salmon filet topped with sweet curry sauce

Spicy Basil Mixed Seafood  16.95

Sauteed mix seafood with basil and bell peppers in chef’s special sauce

Catfish  15.95

Pan fried filleted of catfish with basil, Thai eggplant and spicy fresh peppercorn sauce

Crispy Duck  17.50

Slices of boneless crispy duck stir-fried with crispy basil leaves sauce

Mango Shrimp 17.50

Sauteed shrimp, fresh mango and bell pepper with spicy basil sauce